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2021: Halfway Review

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I started this year with a a comprehensive review & planning—a practice I hope to continue into the future. As we are now a little more than halfway through the year, it seems like a great time to check-in and see how these goals have been going.


First, let's see what's working—the goals I've already reached or am on track to reach:

Partial successes

What about the goals that are sort of working—but that maybe need a rekindling or adjustment?


What about the goals that are not working out? The places where I need to make a change?

What now?

One of the major lessons from this first half year is just how bad I am at multitasking. Not just in the moment (when, for example, you're talking to your mom and trying to cook at the same time), but throughout the day. My brain needs a few hours before it can really switch from one subject to another, say, from masters to business to blogging and back.

One consequence of this is that I've been more susceptible to wasting time on Reddit and YouTube. That needs to change. My solution is to use a VPN on my phone that blocks these websites. I might do the same on my computer.

My priority over the remainder of this year is to get enough money to my partner and I's business, Health Curious, that our team can last until the end of the year. I'll be sharing a more in-depth update in the next few weeks. Because of this, another consequence of my inability to multitask is that I have to "neglect" my side interests. Expanding my SRS and languages may have to wait as long as these other concerns take precedence.

The next few months may prove to be some of the most routine I've ever experienced. I'll be coding, entrepreneuring, and writing 12 to 14 hours a day, with the remaining hours reserved for a bit of movement, sauna, food, and girlfriend. It's good that we started a company together: she knows what we signed up for.

Maybe the weirdest part is how much I'm looking forward to this regimen. Maybe it's that I've been brainwashed by our culture to worship work as religious duty. Maybe it's that I've brainwashed myself into programmatic stupor. Or maybe it's the start-up lore of Bill Gates and Paul Allen churning out Altair Basic on a sleep-deprived diet of Tang, Marc Andreesseen and Eric Bina slaving away behind Mosaic, and many other luminaries besides these entering the world through an unhealthy-seeming rite of start-up passage. We will have to wait and see how this story turns out.

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